Outsourcing Controlling Software

  • Identification & documentation of outsourcing events and IT procurement events
  • Financial Institutions: outsourcing controlling acc. to KWG § 25b, MaRisk AT9, EBA / GL / 2019 / 02, BAIT 8
  • Investment Management Companies: outsourcing controlling acc. to KAGB §36, KAMaRisk Zf. 10, KAIT 8; CSSF 18/698 and CSSF 17/654 as well as DV (EU) No. 231/2013
  • Insurance Companies: outsourcing controlling acc. to VAG §36, MaGo and VAIT
  • Provider Management via KPI/KRI monitoring dashboard
  • Monitoring of sub-outsourcing and concentration risks
  • Monitoring of exit options by exit scenario
  • Workflow, escalation and notification functionalities
  • Reporting, i.e. outsourcing register, cloud information directory and outsourcing reports

Contract Management Software

  • Contract database, classification of contract types, design of contract hierarchies
  • Monitoring of contracts as well as annexes, additional documents, manuals, certificates
  • Integration into ordering and or contract negotiation process
  • Checklists for further contract-relevant issues
  • Upload of documents or links to existing DMS
  • Versioning and possibility to store negotiation statuses
  • Comprehensive contract search function incl. bespoke filter functions and full text search, also in uploaded documents
  • Monitoring of deadlines & notice periods
  • Differentiated authorisation and access concept
  • Contracts with e-mail reminder and resubmission function